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Equipment Finance – Funding for the Now!

Blue Bridge Financials’ goal is to support growing businesses in the waste management space by financing business essential equipment with competitive terms and an efficient funding process.
  • Up to 350K with just an application
  • Competitive pricing for most credit profiles (610 minimum FICO)
  • Decisions in just a couple hours
  • Same day funding is possible.
Blue Bridge Financial also understands that it can be difficult to secure financing in a high-rate environment.

Our director of business development recently published an article on WasteAdvantage magazine’s website where he identified 3 key attributes to help you get comfortable with your financing partner. Blue Bridge Financial offers products and services to meet all 3 of these recommendations:

  1. Set a monthly budget and utilize a lender who will work within that budget!
  2. Utilize pre-approvals and secure your rate ASAP!
  3. Take advantage of early buyout programs!

To read the full article click here: https://wasteadvantagemag.com/financing-your-next-equipment-purchase-in-a-high-rate-environment/

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Our minimum for equipment financing is $10,000. For requests of a lesser amount, please call our sales line at 866-777-1011 during regular business hours or email sales@bluebridgefinancial.com.

For further questions, or to find out how Blue Bridge can help you secure your next piece of equipment, please reach out to sales@bluebridgefinancial.com or fill out the form above and a sales representative will call you within 15 minutes.