Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Bridge provides to small businesses for hundreds of different types of equipment.  If the equipment is essential to your business and is fairly valued there is a good chance that Blue Bridge will be able to accept it as collateral.

Our financing programs allow for loans up to $500,000.

Where you buy the equipment is your decision.  Blue Bridge does have an approval process to review the equipment sellers.  This is done to determine the reputability and business practices of the equipment sellers.

Blue Bridge have very competitive programs for both new and used equipment.

Your monthly payment is determined based on the amount of money that your wish to borrow, the term of the loan and the interest rate.  Blue Bridge evaluates the credit worthiness of each applicant and that credit worthiness includes many factor such as the borrowers credit, the equipment type and the age of the collateral.  This credit evaluation is used to determine the rate.
Visit our Monthly Payment Calculator to see an estimate of what your payment could be.

A personal guarantee is an obligation of the owners of the business.  This obligation stipulates that if the business is unable to repay the loan then the owner of the business will take on that payment obligation.

Yes.  There are many factors that are included in our credit evaluation and the credit score is one factor that is considered.

Blue Bridge offers loan terms up to 60 months.

Blue Bridge employs a talented staff of employees who work with borrowers if they miss a payment.  If a payment is missed, our staff will typically reach out to you to better understand the situation and the circumstances around the missed payment.  At that time, they will work to schedule that payment.  If you are unable to maintain the payments on the loan, it may result in repossession or additional legal action.

Blue Bridge Financial is a part of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association.