The Need for Equipment Financing

The hospitality industry is all about providing comfortable, enjoyable experiences for people, whether they’re staying in a hotel, dining at a restaurant, or attending an event. It’s a field that mixes service, management, and creativity to deliver the best possible experience for guests.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, the businesses within the industry — from hotels to eateries — need various equipment: things like commercial kitchen appliances, comfortable furniture, and updated technology, which can all be quite expensive. This need for quality equipment without the hefty immediate cost is where equipment financing comes in.

So, what is equipment financing and how can it help your hospitality business? In simple terms, it’s a way for your business to get the necessary equipment without having to pay the full price upfront. 

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Upgrade or Replace Equipment: You can get the latest or more efficient equipment to provide better services.
Maintain Cash Flow: Instead of spending a large amount at once, you keep more of your money on hand for other business needs.
Expand Services: With access to new or additional equipment, you might be able to offer more services or amenities to your guests.
Stay Current: The ability to easily upgrade tools or technology helps your business stay modern and meet current industry standards.

How We Make a Difference

Here’s how we stand out in supporting your business:
Fast Approvals: We understand the need for speed in business. That’s why we aim to approve your financing in less than 4 hours.
Soft Credit Pulls: Explore financing options without impacting your credit
Preserve Your Cash Flow: We work with your budget and get you a monthly payment you’re comfortable with.
Dedicated Support: We provide one-on-one support through our team of knowledgeable specialists, ensuring you’re guided every step of the way.
Same Day Funding: Once approved, we don’t make you wait. Access your funds the same day to move your plans forward without delay.
Tailored Solutions: Your business is unique, and we offer flexible solutions to fit your specific situation and needs.

Some Equipment We Finance:

Safes   |   Fridges   |   FF&E   |   Lighting   |   Reservation System/POS   |   Washers and Dryers   |   Banquet facilities  

Computers   |   Phone systems   |   Umbrellas   |   Gym Equipment   |   Lobby Furniture   |   Ice Machines   |   Pool Equipment

Restaurant Equipment   |   FF&E   |   Transportation Bus

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