Towing Equipment Financing

The tow truck industry is critical to the automotive sector, providing services that range from roadside assistance to the recovery and transportation of vehicles. Towing companies need tow trucks, wreckers, and other equipment to provide essential services such as towing broken-down vehicles, recovering vehicles from accident scenes, and transporting vehicles for dealerships or auctions. The success of a tow truck company hinges on the reliability and efficiency of its fleet, but the high cost of such specialized vehicles can be a significant financial challenge for many businesses.

Achieve Success with Blue Bridge Financial


Access to Modern Equipment: Obtain the latest and most efficient tow trucks and wreckers without a substantial upfront investment.
Manage Cash Flow: Distribute the cost of expensive equipment over time, allowing better cash flow management for your business.
Operational Efficiency:With up-to-date equipment, your business can operate more efficiently, offering better service to clients.
Business Growth: Financing provides the opportunity to expand your fleet and service capabilities, helping your business grow.

Financing With Us

Here’s how we stand out in supporting your agricultural business:
Fast Approvals: quick financing decisions, typically in less than 4 hours
Deferred Payments: defer loan payments for up to 3 months
Soft Credit Checks: explore your options without impacting your credit score
Dedicated Support: one-on-one support, guiding you through the financing process every step of the way
Same Day Funding: we provide the funds on the same day, ensuring you can acquire the equipment you need as soon as possible
Customized Solutions: customized financing solutions that are specifically designed to your situation.

Some Equipment We Finance:

Tow Truck | Wrecker | Rotator | Flatbed Tow Truck | Rollback Tow Truck | Heavy-Duty Wrecker

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