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Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA)

EFA’s are Blue Bridge Financials’ most popular product! The agreement is backed by the business-essential collateral, that the lender takes a security interest in, until the agreement is paid off at which point you own the collateral FREE AND CLEAR!
EFA’s are a great alternative to bank loans due to the speed and ease offered with 100% of the sales amount paid to the vendor and zero to minimal money down.

Working Capital

Having access to working capital can be the difference between thriving and just surviving. Whether it’s for smoothing out cash flow, managing day-to-day expenses, or making strategic investments in your business, having an extra financial cushion is essential. That’s where our Working Capital product comes into play, designed to give businesses like yours the boost they need when they need it.

Rental Inventory

Are you in the rental equipment business and seeking the perfect solution for financing your inventory? Blue Bridge Financial’ s Rental Inventory Financing is for you! Tailored specifically for companies like yours, Rental Inventory Financing offers the benefits of our standard Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) product, but specialized for short-term rental equipment.

Why Blue Bridge Financial?

• Loan approvals, usually within 4 hours.
• Terms of 24-72 months.
• One-on-One-support with a Knowledgeable Specialist.
• Competitive Rates.
• Loans up to 500K.
• Soft Credit Pulls only.
• Finance 100% of purchase price.
• App-Only submissions up to 350K.
• Individual consideration for every client.

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Some of Our Programs Include

Cash-Back EFA

Collateralized working capital. Use equipment YOU OWN free and clear to finance up to $100,000.
Blue Bridge offers a higher Loan-to-Value than most competitors.

Young and Startup
(Equipment Financing for New Businesses)

Great for clients with industry experience and up to 2 years in business and a stable credit history.


Already paid CASH for your commercial equipment purchased within the past 60 days? Blue Bridge offers 100% reimbursement back to the borrower. Keep your peace of mind and get your cash back.

New and Used

There are no AGE or MILEAGE restrictions on used collateral. Ask about our quick turnaround approvals.

Private Party/Titled and Non-Titled

With staff experts to ensure accurate seller and collateral review, and correct security interest in the collateral, our program is one of the BEST in the business.

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Our minimum for equipment financing is $10,000
Include any details you may have on equipment you are interested in purchasing such as equipment type and year.
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