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Our Program Highlights:

  • 350k App Only
  • Decisions within 2 hours
  • Private Party Sellers and Vendors
  • No Age or Mileage Restrictions
  • Build Business Credit
  • Financing for Start Ups
Who Are We?

Blue Bridge Financial is a specialty equipment finance firm providing small and medium-sized businesses with secured loans and leases for revenue-producing, essential-use equipment. Our experience covers all aspects of deal structuring including: sales, underwriting, due diligence, documentation, billing, collections, and compliance. Put this wealth of diverse experience and insight to work for you and get your business equipment financing with us!

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General Information

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Our minimum for equipment financing is $10,000. For requests of a lesser amount, please call our sales line at 866-777-1011 during regular business hours or email sales@bluebridgefinancial.com.

For further questions, or to find out how Blue Bridge can help you secure your next piece of equipment, please reach out to sales@bluebridgefinancial.com or fill out the form above and a sales representative will call you within 15 minutes.