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Mainspring LogoLos Angeles, CA, February 10, 2016 – Mainspring Funding, a national distribution platform for investors and a lending connection source for small business borrowers, has released its newly enhanced platform,, designed to give borrowers and qualified investors direct access to loan products originated directly from affiliated partners.

Built with simplicity and transparency in mind, Mainspring’s platform features easy to navigate sections for borrowers and investors, links to affiliated origination sources and live loans available for investor purchase. It will serve as the main hub of Mainspring Funding for both borrowers seeking small business funding and also for investors who are growing and diversifying their portfolio.

“This platform connects borrowers to our loan originators as well as investors looking to diversify their portfolio with our loan products. Through our affiliated companies and the Mainspring platform we have sold well over $100 million in assets to a wide range of investors. The platform is designed to further increase the efficiency and execution of that process,” said Rob Snow, Mainspring Funding’s Founder and CEO. “As our network continues to grow and serve small businesses on their specialty financing needs, the Mainspring portfolio of available investments will expand with a diversified mix that our investors are looking for.”

A few highlights of the features and functionality of the enhanced website include:

  • An overview of the available loans, requirements and eligibility for small business borrowers
  • Connections to securely apply online for commercial financing through affiliated originators
  • An overview, historical statistics and demographics of loan portfolio for investors
  • Live loan listing for investors to view and purchase whole loan products
  • Full use compatibility for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices

The evolution of Mainspring Funding, in conjunction with affiliated partnerships, highlight the transformations taking place in the industry as the business of traditional lending and technology-based originations merge. Mr. Snow, who also serves as CCO of affiliated company Blue Bridge Financial, will be speaking on this topic at the ABS Vegas 2016 Conference and exhibiting at the ELFA/IMN Investor’s Conference on Equipment Finance.

The collective management experience of Mainspring and its affiliates in both technology-based and traditional lending provides a distinct advantage due to the ability to manage the down cycles, provide investors and borrowers with quality product and truly understand the client needs. To become an investor with Mainspring Funding visit or call (424) 488-1912.

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